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BlinkS is a unique independent platform developed by the Prelios Group

Prelios, the gateway to real estate

The creation of the first digital NPE marketplace is consistent with the Prelios Group's thirty years of experience. An absolutely unique integrated platform, whose key differentiator with respect to all other competitors is a business model covering every phase in the real estate cycle.

BlinkS continues Prelios’ leadership in innovation: the Group has constantly created new solutions for loan deconsolidation structuring, from multiseller transactions to securitizations with the Italian State's GACS guarantee, where it is the outright leader.

The Prelios Group boasts internal expertise of absolute excellence, both in management and in technological innovation. Its track record is certified by the ratings of the main Agencies. It is an institutional Servicer (ex art. 106) in constant contact with Italy’s banks and with international and Italian investors active in Europe.

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