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About us

An evocative name

Logo BlinkS

The logo spelling and the coloured wave that wraps the central part give shape to the mission of a service designed to facilitate the "link" between the demand ("Buyer", the buyers) and the offer ("Seller", the sellers).

Reading our logo, bi - link - ɛs, immediately evokes the mission of a complete and innovative ecosystem that aims to connect buyers and sellers.

Identity in constant evolution

Originally intended only for the trading of financial non-performing loans (or NPLs), BlinkS was quickly transformed into a complete digital ecosystem, dedicated to the innovative management of credit portfolios of various kinds.

Today BlinkS is the digital marketplace of reference in Italy and in Europe for the transfer of credits and the most transparent, liquid, and efficient response to the multiple needs emerging from the different scenarios of the industry. 

Its innovative features facilitate and enhance the approach of banks, servicers, investors, and ancillary service providers to the world of impaired loans.

BlinkS has been developed and launched by Prelios Innovation: the company is part of Prelios Group, the Italian best performer in alternative asset management and in high added value services dedicated to financial institutions and investors, able to cover the entire value chain of credit and Real Estate through all economic cycles.




A recognized role

BlinkS is indicated by the ECB as the independent platform of reference at the European level for Buyers and Sellers operating on the primary and secondary market.

Among its many aknowledgments, we received the "BEST PRACTICE INNOVATION IN CREDIT" award at the Financecommunity Awards 2020.