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A highly specialized know-how

It is here that companies find concrete answers to the specific needs related to commercial credit receivables:

  • flexibility and rapidity in every single phase
  • standardization of the datatape and publication process
  • an integrated environment (automatic data quality, publication, due diligence within VDR BlinkS, binding assignment process, collection of offers in the platform) 
  • certainty of the divestment timing
  • Qualified and specialized counterparties
  • BlinkS Distressed Credit technology and performance

Prelios Group's successful experience with BlinkS Financial

the creation of a widespread network around BlinkS, capable of reaching the corporate industry as well

the creation of an instrument capable of liquidating non-performing trade receivables portfolios


Commercial Credits NPL Stock (€bln) and Market Share - AUM Commercial Credits NPL

Focus utilities

Considering the importance of the Utilities segment, we consider this to be the anchor sector for starting operations in the area of commercial credits.

NPL disposal estimate (€bln)


...Why choose it?

The BlinkS Commercial Credit marketplace provides:

  • An extensive network of Buyers and Sellers from the financial, commercial, and industrial worlds, including major multi-utility companies, telephone companies and goods and services manufacturing companies
  • A network of Buyers of different nature and size able to satisfy complex de-risking needs 
  • An instrument able to demobilize portfolios of impaired trade receivables in favor of courts and insolvency procedures
  • All the successful experience acquired by the Prelios Group



Specialized know-how and a high level of digitalization usually reserved for the banking world are now made available to Italian corporations (large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises). BlinkS Commercial Credit acts in the world of overdue trade receivables filling efficiency, development and digitalization gaps in order to create value on assets that are not always adequately valued

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