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Context turns into opportunity

Discover the transfer tax credits operations allowed by tax legislation.

BlinkS Tax Credit takes advantage of the options granted introduced by art. 121 D.L. 34/2020 to those who, after having incurred expenses for building renovation and energy saving, can choose, instead of the direct deduction

  • The immediate invoice discounts
  • The transfer of the tax credit 

Who it is addressed to

BlinkS Tax - Who it is addressed to

Potential market

Potential market

(*) Sources: Camera dei deputati – Studi e Ricerche - Il recupero e la riqualificazione energetica del patrimonio edilizio: una stima dell’impatto delle misure di incentivazione - Report 2020 n. 32/2

Take advantage of the option granted by art. 121 of Legislative Decree no. 34/2020 (Liquidity Decree)

Enable the publication of portfolios of tax credits that are in the taxpayer's tax drawer 

Customizable sale and purchase methods and standardized transfer contract process and template directly within the platform

The possibility of publishing portfolios of tax credits in the taxpayer's tax drawer, creating a market for tax credits that finds its ideal dimension in BlinkS, as it

  • offers customizable methods of sale and purchase
  • offers a network of Buyers and Sellers that is always active and widespread 
  • is based on a standardized transfer contract
  • centralizes and facilitates the sale and purchase process directly on the platform

How it works

How it works




BlinkS Tax Credit takes advantage of the opportunity introduced by the “Decreto Rilancio” and subsequent to make use of the tax credit transfer to those who support building renovation and energy saving expenses

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