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CreditVision Investigazioni

Our company specializes in the collection, analysis and evaluation of official and unofficial information and rumors. In half a century of experience we have refined the know-how necessary to respond in a high-performance way to the needs of the sector. We carry out investigations, study data and prepare consultations, moving from an inductive method perfected in more than 50 years of activity. The quality of experience and the propulsion of innovation at your service.

In order to give the best advice, we guarantee our clients a preliminary listening phase. Each of our investigations starts from specific needs that we identify with and for the client. We solve the problems of our customers, choosing the tools useful for the needs exposed and analyzed together.


  • Business Partner Check
    In-depth intelligence activity for the collection of every useful element for its strategic choice of business partners, suppliers and consultants
  • Investigation Due Diligence
    Domestic and international investigations for a correct analysis of the counterparty in order to prevent operational and reputational damages related to extraordinary operations We collect the elements useful to support the evaluation of the risks related to the choice of a partner or target company, including the integrity and reliability issues of the people involved
  • Asset Tracing
    We trace the assets that can be traced back to a subject, physical or legal, both in Italy and abroad. It is possible to trace incomes and assets, also distracted, current or sold
  • Compliance Solutions
    We collect all the compliance and anti-fraud information required for anti-money laundering and other specific regulatory audits. Direct access to the main sources of national and international information such as PEPs, beneficial owners, official profiles and Sanction/Black Lists allows us to respond to all compliance needs
  • Credit recovery
    Our team of investigators, negotiators and lawyers manages seriously and efficiently portfolios of performing and non performing credits, customizing the recovery according to the characteristics of the debtor. The investigation remains the basis of any recovery intervention that reaches maximum effectiveness with the use of our proprietary technological infrastructure
  • International investigations
    Thanks to the international network created in over half a century of experience in the investigative field, we are able to conduct our investigations even in foreign countries less organized. We evaluate the case and quote any type of investigation within 24 hours of the request, even with local legal support for feasibility analysis
  • Evidence collection
    With 50 years of experience we respond to every specific need for the acquisition of information and evidence both testimonial and documentary useful to assert their own right in court. A team of experienced investigators, case managers and legal assistants support the realization of our investigations evidence, in each case respecting the laws in force


  • NPL/UTP Due Diligence
    Data enrichment & clustering, Data remediation, Npl portfolio valuation, Data room risk analysis
  • Special Servicing
    Judicial and extrajudicial management, Reputational Audits, Automation of in house procedures, In depth batch analysis
  • Info Providing
    Standardized residences and telephone numbers, Assailable employment or pensions, Securities and real estate valuation, Checking accounts and red flags
  • Intelligence Big Size
    Analysis of the revocability of dispositive acts, Search for concealed assets and income, Establishment of business continuity by means of nominees, Foreign investigation of Asset Tracing